Christian Business Owners Still Get Paid

As a Christian business owner do you have people constantly expecting you to give away your services for free? Do people give you a sob story about why they can’t pay and expect you to give them a break? Do they call you a passive aggressive Christian hypocrite if you send out a late payment reminder? It can be hard balancing wanting to help people and not giving away your services for free. Remember, as a business owner you are in business to make a profit. You must protect your personal and business credit score.Most business owners, service providers, and professionals have business expenses, as well as living expenses to include a mortgage, utilities, and possibly student loans. Creditors want to be paid. Creditors will charge a late fee if you don’t pay them on time. They may possibly report you to a credit bureau and this can adversely affect your credit score. So, how do you balance helping others and being a Christian business owner? My tips below will help you to operate as a business owner while honoring your Christian values.1. Contracts – Use very detailed contracts. Do not trust handshake deals or word of mouth agreements. Put the agreement or terms of service in writing. Be very specific on due dates, amounts owed, late fees, etc. This includes barter contracts. Do not be afraid or intimidated to not hold the other party accountable for honoring their part of the contract.2. Invoicing Procedures – Establish procedures and follow them. If you do not want to deal with this task then out source it to a Virtual Assistant or bookkeeper. This includes sending out late payment reminders. I recommend you work with a collection agent so that when needed the agency can go after the late payer. Using a collection agent will save you headaches and heartaches. Plus, you know they are following the law and you won’t get in trouble for accidentally violating a debt collection law or rule.3. Choose your words carefully – I have learned when someone asks me if I can help or they say “so and so said you can help me” and I reply “yes, I can help” they are expecting the service for free. I have had to learn to respond with something that states this is a business service that I provide. Also, I have found when someone asks if they can skip a payment at holiday time I have a script ready to address that late fees will be assessed. Again, this task of communicating with individuals may be best left to your gatekeeper or a Customer Care Manager. Listen very carefully to what is being said by the person asking for your services. I also do not recommend giving away free strategy sessions. When you charge a small fee for an introductory session and charge for missed appointments you will eliminate the tire kickers and snatchers and grabbers. Watch out for the people that hit you up on social media via Messenger pretending to be your friend and then immediately they want free advice or services.4. Know How Much You Can Give Away or Discount – Set clear boundaries. I don’t mind helping people. But it does get old helping the same people over and over again. You have to know your walk away point. Watch the person on social media. If they are out having fun while you sit home eating ramen noodles don’t get mad. Use it as a lesson. You just let that person skip a payment so they could have fun. The person does not respect or value you and your services. I recommend you know how many scholarships you are going to be able to give away each year and when you have exhausted that amount you know you cannot help anyone else for free. Also, know what discount you will give friends and family.5. Know Your Value – Do not forget that you provide a valuable service. Just because someone else does not see the value does not mean you have none. Do not let the snatchers and grabbers wear you down. Learn to identify who is not your ideal client and learn to identify where they lurk and then go find a new fishing pond.Those that are attempting to steal your products, intellectual property, and services will always have something negative to say when you ask for payment. In our digital age they will be as bold as to post nasty comments on social media platforms blasting you and your Christian values. They will probably “unfriend” you too. Remember, do not open a door that God as has closed. Count your blessings you were unfriended and saw the person show his/her true colors.Don’t be made to feel guilty or shamed into giving away your products or services for free. The funny thing is these people would not work for free or give away their products or service for free, so they should not expect you to do it either. Everyone won’t love you. Rejection is God’s protection.

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Darkroom Background – Digital Future

Photographers of my generation (40 or older) remember photography as a two-sided coin. There was the taking of the picture; be it sports, nature, or whatever. But there was also the developing of the picture; be it B/W, slides, or color. Cameras, light meters, and flash units were expensive, but that was still only half the cost of a true photographer. Many photographers, myself included; had almost as much invested in their darkroom as they did in camera gear.It was a sad day; when in college, they announced it would be their last year of having a darkroom. It felt like they had ripped one of my arms out. It felt like half of everything I knew suddenly was irrelevant and unimportant. It made me question the rest of my photography experience as well. I mean; if they got rid of darkrooms, could traditional photography be that far behind? At that point; I asked myself, “Have I wasted 20 years of my life?”The answer to that question for me and several million others out there is a resounding, “NO!” We have not reached the end of the road. We have entered a new chapter in the book of life and for many of us this is where the story gets really exciting. The mechanics of good photography involve knowing the mechanics of good art. Regardless if you use 35mm, digital, or even video you still need to know things like: the rule of thirds, framing, and depth of field. Light, lines, and balance have much more to do with “how” you see verses “what” you see with.The same is true of the digital darkroom that we call the computer. Photography is still a two- sided coin. There is taking the picture and there is enhancing the picture. Before we used enlargers, timers, and chemicals; now we use, computers, software, and media card readers. It may all be overwhelming at first (I know it was for me.) But look at it this way; after two or three hours at your computer, have you ever been told you smell like chemicals?Skills like cropping, dodging and burning are still used in all major photo-editing software. In fact, the things that would have taken hours in the darkroom can often be done in seconds. When it comes to dodging (making a certain area lighter) things have become incredibly easier. How many of you still have half a dozen specialized dodging tools laying in a closet somewhere? If you wanted to combine images in a darkroom it took hours to produce and years of experience to make it look real. Now a days, two or three images can be combined in just minutes and still look VERY realistic!If you remember back to how long it took you to master your darkroom skills, it probably won’t take you as long to learn new computer skills. For those of you who are hesitating because of cost; I can remember spending $1500.00 to set up a darkroom and thinking that was a good deal. At today’s prices, you can get a really good computer and excellent photo-editing software for less money than that.We who have documented the past must embrace the future. Photography is NOT a dead and buried art form. Every advertiser still uses photography. Every high school student still wants senior portraits. Every Mother still wants a photo of her new born baby. The need for good photography has not disappeared, it has simply evolved. If every mechanic quit; every time a new car was introduced, the world would be in big trouble. Do not fear the future, be the future. Show the world that creativity never dies, and join us in the digital age.

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Los Angeles Art Classes – Reasons to Study There?

Los Angeles Art Classes are generally so remarkably encouraged by creative individuals, museums, galleries, art facilities, workshops, and studios because they’re in prosperity there. This particular area also is known as one of the biggest offerings of arts-related schools and programs in the world.. The area provides a tremendous variety of activities from shopping and dining with a lively party all night atmosphere, and enjoys the beautiful California weather.Are you looking for an Art school in the Los Angeles area? Well, you’re looking at the needed write-up! Hereunder is a list and brief information of Art schools in LA who are taking on enrollees from around the world.1. Westwood College Los Angeles Campus-Westwood College is not really your typical institution of higher learning. Learners can earn a bachelor’s degree within just 3 years plus some associate degrees just in 20 months. With day, night an internet-based schedules, they’re able to cater to just about any chosen lifestyle. It serves this diversified neighborhood of some 700,000 residents and it is close to the Los Angeles Staples Center, residence of the LA Lakers, and just minutes from down-town L. A.. Right now there are a number of places to eat, bank, and shop in close proximity to the campus. West College also has a campus in Anaheim, CA. The college’s Art programs are:* CAD – Architectural Drafting* Graphic Design and Multimedia* Game Art* Game Software Development* Interior Design* Visual Communications2. The Art Institute of California Los Angeles in Santa Monica- you will join a group that is devoted to providing you a growing, revitalizing natural environment where you stand free to check out your artist’s thoughts and also to extend your talent and expertise. Here you are able to connect with like-minded students who present your desire for the creative world and also the push to learn. Other locations they have are Orange county, Santa Ana and Hollywood, Los Angeles. To mention a few courses offered:* Art of Cooking* Audio Production* Baking & Pastry* Culinary Management* Culinary Arts* Digital Film making and Production Arts* Media Arts and Animation* Web Design and Interactive Media* Fashion Design* Fashion Marketing and Management* Game Art and Design* Game Programming* Interior Design* Graphic Design3. The Los Angeles Film School- Found in the heart of Hollywood, California, The Los Angeles Film School building was once a recording studio put to use by names like Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, and John Williams. At The Los Angeles Film School you can learn industry-current film, animation, or video game strategies from trade specialists whose qualifications include things like working on films, like the Matrix, Fight Club, Back to the Future, Jerry Maguire, and Batman. You may also enjoy making use of the most recent technology, including a fully digital HD Dolby Surround, THX-Certified theater. They’re an accredited college and private post-secondary establishment that gives degrees in film, computer animation, game production and recording arts.4. Interior Designer Institute-IDI has offered its students alternatives that are basically not available at other design colleges. This school offers Certificate or Associate of Arts Degree Programs in Interior Design. Or maybe you may proceed into their Bachelor of Arts Degree Program that’s certified by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) – formerly FIDER. At IDI, the choice is yours and in their state-of-the-art premises you’ll learn from a faculty that reads being a who’s who in interior design. The college offers student placement assistance to pupils at all levels. Programs Offered:* Certificate in Interior Design* Associate of Arts Degree in Interior Design* Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design* Master of Arts Degree in Interior Design5. Art Center College of Design- they are an innovator in art and design education for up to 75 years. Art Center is found in Pasadena, California, with classes held at its Hillside Campus and new South Campus in downtown Pasadena. The Institution gives you undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide array of disciplines, along with Public Programs offering design education to all ages and stages of experience. The present graduate programs are offered in the fields of Art, Broadcast Cinema, Industrial Design and Media Design.

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