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The Benefits of Home Health Care

Let’s face it; everyone has to deal with health care at some point in their lives. No matter how healthy of a lifestyle you tend to live, chances are you’ll require this when you grow old. There are a variety of different ways to go about obtaining this, many people take the route of going into a nursing home. Instead, however, home health care can be very effective. The following are just a few of the most prominent benefits of home health care, all of which make a case for taking this route rather than settling on a nursing home.For one, this provides those who receive it with the dignity that they deserve. Going into a nursing home can be a shock to a person’s system, and can dramatically affect their dignity in negative ways. Home health care, on the other hand, provides these individuals with the respect that they deserve.This is very effective at preventing or delaying the need for hospital care. For example, those that do not receive this type often end up in the hospital earlier than necessary because no preventative measures are taken. Home health care is a very good solution to this.Another reason to consider is that it offers the individual the most amount of comfort and freedom that they can experience in their current state. The same cannot be said for those who end up in nursing homes, which feature rigid schedules and programs that must be followed. As a result, it provides for the most relaxing environment possible for a person to grow old in.In order for one to grow old comfortably, it’s important for the program to be tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Unfortunately, this is not common when people end up in nursing homes. With this, however, this can be very easily attainable and is very much worth working towards.While some people think they can grow old in their homes on their own, the fact remains that professionally supervised services are of the utmost importance. Home health care provides these types of services, and should not be underestimated. Rather than going into a nursing home, one should consider this as the better alternative.When people grow old, it’s not uncommon for families to get torn apart over the stress factors that sometimes come about. This can help to alleviate this stress, and make things easier and more comfortable for everyone involved.As you can see, there are many benefits to home health care. This is without a doubt the best way to age in a graceful, respectful manner.

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Commercial 30 Year Fixed – State of the Loan Program

The commercial 30 year fixed loan has taken a beating by the current credit crisis. Rates have moved up and underwriting guidelines continue to tighten. Gone are the days of 6.25% on 30 year fixed rates on special purpose properties. It will probably be a very long time before they return as well. For example, the maximum loan to value on cash out refinance for an investment deal is now at 50% from 75% 6 months ago.In fact, investment loans within this program have taken the worst of it as this side of the business is the least favorite by the funding bank. They are more actively funding and considering owner occupied transactions than investments.Other restrictions include debt coverage ratios being increased to 1.25%, virtually all special purpose properties like hotels, restaurants daycares, etc are simply no longer eligible. Another major restriction is that the town population where the subject property is located now has to be at least 100,000.Why the carnage? The commercial 30 year fixed loan is structure similar to residential loans. I.e. meaning the individual loans are pooled, securitized and sold on the secondary market for commercial mortgages. As the residential subprime mess has spread into our side of the business these types of commercial loan programs have been seriously affected. The buyers of these bonds have been hurt and no longer can justify the risk, and have slowed or stopped buying these investments.If you own the property your business occupies and if its general purpose like industrial, office, retail and you would be willing to pay an additional 1% on your rate than it will still make sense for you to investigate this option.

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